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In the past, change a slot machine was a complicated operation which was to open the seal of the slot, replace the electronic circuit of the slot machine and then modify the design of the slot machine that displayed the theme of the machine. This change usually took a whole day and could cost thousands of dollars, between parts and labor.

I no longer have to select the program on my computer," said , "and it takes me 20 seconds." This concept is being tested in the coming months under the leadership of Federal Regulators gambling. If regulators approve the system, casino operators can adjust the centrally games slots to accommodate different populations of players: older and more regular players during the day, and younger players and tourists with higher budgets overnight.

It also means to test the trust of customers at the same time. Some critics believe that this system is not just one of the slot machines online. Which he says is bad for business and the confidence of the players. The development of these new machines is always more marked convergence between gambling and technology.

Slot machines, although possessing high-level mechanisms are now computer programs that can afford to play on slot machines offering up to 25 pay lines, with kinds of credit cards that are referred to forgotten tokens, pots once used. Soon, technological progress will on 3D animations, high definition image and sound to immerse players even more.

Normally, these changes are made in the middle of the night, when there are few players in the casino. Mr. Foley said the technology "allows to accelerate changes" but this is not a new capability. The main goal, according to is to quickly satisfy a request from a player. He cites the example of the big players come to Rhode Island.