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Once the shooter has a point, start the game and can be additional bets made. The success is completely dependent on the bet, because the results of the dice based purely on luck and although you can clearly see at the table that you can put in many ways is one approach more interesting than the other. The reason for this is that each roll then a different ratio is paid out, depending on the chance to throw.

Than a particular number Each throw is dependent on the outcome of two dice and you can see how many times a particular number can occur. There are 36 possible combinations and the casino has a different profit ratio for each number, depending on how you have deployed. By studying the disbursement of each wager an experienced player succeeds only committed to do with a very low margin for the casino.

This is a way of betting amoeboid is not on the table, but he is considered a very interesting way of working for people who do pass line bets. Once there is a point, you can place an odds bet behind the pass line bet, you bet that that will be the number. Thrown for 7 A winning pass line bet has a relatively low margin of 1.41% for the casino, but you can still decrease significantly with a winning odds bet.

The reason is that the odds bets are paid according to the real points rolled, without margin for the casino. A single odds bet, a bet of the same casinos allow you 2 times the value of the pass line bet, making the margin for the casino is even lower.

A pass line bet can not be removed, but the odds bets you put on during the whole game at their own discretion and take back. We should also mention that it is permissible to do when do not pass bets, odds bets but it is not recommended. The earnings ratio in this case is reversed and you have more chips than you can win.