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The baccarat game played in most casinos is, uses 6 to 8 packs of playing cards that are shuffled and placed that the shoe is called in a box. If the cards are shuffled, there is a marked between the 7th and the 8th card inserted from below to indicate.

The end of the slipper The hand that is played when these cards is reached, and played out the remaining cards are discarded. After shaking the dealer's first card is about. The value of the card determines how many cards will be burned before the game starts.

Baccarat is apartment of the few casino games where the cards by divided by the gamblers, the shoe starts at one place at the table. This player then gets the role of banker. He is responsible for sharing until he loses a hand or no longer wants to play. Then the shoe to the next player on the right, so counterclockwise. The banker can bet on each hand, but he has a minimum bet on the table before he takes up his role.

If the banker has once slipper accepted and all bets are closed, he gives a card face to the caller, a card face to himself and then to both a secured card. The cards of the banker be placed at an angle of the shoe and the caller gives his hand to the gambler who has wagered the most on the player.

This gambler will get the role of the player (if no one has bet on the player, the caller takes that role). After sharing and any additional cards the player shows his cards, followed by the banker.

The color of the cards in Baccarat are not of interest. All that matters are the values of the cards, which are already counted follows. All 10s, farmers, women and men have a value of 0 and if the combination of two cards a total of 10, for example, a hand of 7 and 6, the value is also 0. (At the hand 7 and 6 is the real value of 13, but since 10 is always made 0, is the same as the baccarat score 3).