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While a large part of my default range is basically straight forward, some specific hands deserve brief mention. Small pocket pairs (22-44) for example, can be difficult in many situations play post-flop and lose a lot of equity for that. However, my experience tells me that these hands are profitable on the button
against most players.

Remember I am talking about a default range and not something to be taken for granted and go to church. If your HUD tells you not defend the blinds often enough, then you have to open your range slightly, but even then did not increase in any case more than 5% or 10% maximum.

On the other hand, if you have a very active player defending the big blind, the lowest cards rule my default range and maybe eliminate lower suited connectors. Even here I will have to discern how the session has evolved and what factors the met game (if any) relevant to the situation.

With the improving level in middle and upper levels these days ranges established series are not really the way to extract value most of the time and especially at $ 50 / $ 100 and above. At average levels, you can use the HUD to basically tell you your rank.

In 6max, a big blind with over 35% PIP and PER around 30% should be the type of player against which you should reduce your default range and especially if the frequency of aggression is between 1.5 and 2.5.

The overall complexity Limit Holder can not be further highlighted when trying to level up. Maybe I'm obsessed, but I find the process harder in this mode than in any other. I really think it is easier to adapt  to new levels in No Limit Holder and Pot Limit Omaha in Limit Holder.